This blog will cover the Multi-Cultural/Global book read by my group (Group A) during Week 4.


Part One

The Multi-Cultural/Global book we read was:

Palacio, R.J. (2012). Wonder. New York: Random House.

This book falls into the Contemporary/Realistic Fiction Genre and I feel the suggested age for this book is 9 years old and up.

Part Two

I was one of those people who saw the movie before reading the book. However, before seeing the movie, I had never heard of the book and wasn’t even sure about seeing it in theatres. My Nana mentioned to me that she really wanted to go see it. After a short day at Disneyland, we left early because it was too crowded for our liking and I decided to treat her to a trip to see Wonder at AMC nearby. I had only seen the trailer once and already knew I would cry. Yes. I cried. By “cried,” I mean bawled. I didn’t quite know what to expect. I knew it would involve some bullying and some tears from Auggie’s mom of course but beyond that, I didn’t know what to expect. The illustrations on the front cover of the book doesn’t give away anything related to the story, which I always find frustrating. I felt extra connected to this book because of working with Special Needs students for the past six years and having a disability myself. This book will always hold a special place in my heart. I didn’t notice any major issues while reading this book and applaud it for bringing unique special needs to the surface while also considering the point of view from other characters close to Auggie. When reading this book with children, I would ask them questions like, “What makes a good friend?” and “How do you respond to bullying?”

Part Three

Plot- Wonder is a heartwarming and inspiring story about Auggie Pullman, a unique-looking 5th grader who is about to attend school in Manhattan for the first time, after being homeschooled for his entire school career. Auggie tells his story through his eyes and gives us a look into how school is going now that he is making friends and even some bullies.

Setting- This book takes place in Manhattan, New York.

Theme- I feel the main message of this story is friendship and how strong and important it really can be to a child growing up. This book celebrates friendship and we get a close look at how Auggie and Jack’s friendship evolves.

Style- While this book has many tough topics included, Auggie appears to be a very happy and upbeat fifth grader excited about science and school.

Point of View- The story is told from a third-person point of view, specifically Auggie Pullman.

Part Four

lesson objective- Fifth graders will develop a spider web chart containing the important characteristics they feel are important for a good friend to have.

discussion questions-

  1. How do you think Via feels about her life since Auggie is an important aspect of it?
  2. What makes Auggie a good friend?
  3. What lessons do you think students learned because of Auggie attending their school?

lesson activity- Students will work independently on their spider web chart and list the personality traits they feel are important for a good friend to have. Students will also complete a pie-chart/diagram listing all of the good qualities they feel are important about themselves, coloring it and making it look nice to hang around the classroom. After they have completed their chart and diagram, they are to work individually on a special kindness project in which they will give the finished project to someone they normally wouldn’t give a gift to either in the classroom or another class.

links to outside resources that can assist with the lesson-

  1. Kindness Project Ideas
  2. Wonder Diagram Example
  3. Friendship Characteristic Ideas

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